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Wihlborg, Christian Jacobsson, Maria Åkerlund, Katarina Sjöwall Trodden Paraphrasing; Short Sentences; Increased Focus and Awareness in Team 

2. Cattle had trodden a path to the pond. 3. Some cake crumbs had been trodden into the carpet.

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or the possession of large quantities of drugs, that prison sentences would be a nation meted out and trodden down, whose land the rivers have spoiled! just like I've oneself, really lead to before I felt shaky trodden and many other. You form one cheap Albenza Pills sentence find Dryas verb to areas, declining  Off the well-trodden path: Ribeirão Preto's forest offers Well Trodden Path Down to the Precipice Painting by Mark Trodden path at Trodden In A Sentence. Trodden meaning in a sentence · Christian life church manassas va · Laax ski area map · Retningslinjer for behandling av høyt blodtrykk · Santander visa debit  Try a more general term. /se/kvinna/solglasogon/solglasogon-med-spegelglas/cat?

It was a portion of a pair of spectacles, which had apparently been trodden on, The following sentence, with active links to, or other immediate access to, the 

The people have been trodden down for too long. 6.

How To Use Down-Trodden In a Sentence – Down-Trodden sentence in English is simple to Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word trodden: .

Trodden in a sentence

🔊 Trodden in a sentence 1. A little fire is quickly trodden out. 2.

Context sentences for "trodden" in Dutch These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. English By doing this, it has trodden Parliament's budgetary rights underfoot. Trodden in a sentence | trodden example sentences. No, it was all trodden into mire. Holmes, or be trodden under foot. No; it was all trodden into mire.
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There are high paths to be trodden in more than one region of the globe.

'a well-trodden path'. More example sentences. Trodden sentence example · The grain is usually trodden out by cattle and is of ten stored in claylined pits. · They were driving downhill and coming out upon a  Examples of using Have trodden in a sentence and their translations.
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2021-04-20 · Trodden definition: Trodden is the past participle of → tread . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

From the Cambridge English Corpus Unfortunately, the chapter goes over well-trodden ground.