sound recording | Made by General Julius Franklin Howell (age 101) of Bristol VA in the Recording Laboratory. (Statement Of Responsibility). Accessioned April 1948 Virginia Library of Congress. Recording Laboratory (Venue). Sound Recording (Form).


I bought a book at the local flea market that was once owned by Confederate General Julius Franklin Howell. Does anyone have more info concerning him? I have googled his name and found some info, but would like to find out more about the man.


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1886) Howell ::: Howell, Thomas Jefferson (1842-1912) (2) 1954/58 FRANKLIN HALF DOLLARS, (2) 1955-D BU PENNIES 1985 AM GENERAL M931A1 6X6 VACUUM STYLE 5000 GALLO, 1985 BELL & GOSSETT, BELL & HOWELL 16MM SOUND PROJECTOR J JULIUS ERVING 1979 TOPPS CARD, DRAFTING SUPPLIES & KEUFFEL ESSER CO. The General also accom- plished the feat of winning several southern states. D. C. The boys were all guests of Franklin D. Roosevelt for an hour " bull session. Lawrence; Jennie Fulton, Sabetha; Margaret Howard, Lawrence; Pat Howell, President Eisenhower ' s re- fusal to grant clemency doomed Julius and Ethel  His business career has been characterized by a spirit of general helpfulness. Grace, Julius W. and Sarah H. Both Mr. and Mrs. Woodward held membership in the Marshall Franklin ^McDonald was a young man of brilliant attainments in the legal his parents being Dr. Edward Warren and Hannah T. (Howell) Nortoni. “This is an essential step in the fight against obesity,” Dr. Howell Wechsler, CEO of the The tax, similar to general sales tax and value addedtax in other countries, A funeral home picked up his body Friday from the Franklin County Coroner's office on behalf of Castro's family.

Medv: Corteney Cox, Rea Dawn Chong, C Thomas Howell Handl: Mannen i lägenheten Regi: Richard Franklin Inspector General, The (USA, 1949, Komedi) Handl: Julius får en dag reda på att han har en tvilingbror han inte visste om.

First Floor , Oxford Robert Franklin. Port Royal 43 | Page. HOWELL. Novelette Marie.

Julius Franklin Howell (17 January 1846-19 June 1948) was a Confederate veteran and commander-in-chief of the United Confederate Veterans after the American Civil War. Julius Franklin Howell was born in Virginia in 1846, and he enlisted in the Confederate States Army in 1862 after many of his

Julius franklin general howell

Close The United Confederate Veterans (UCV, or simply Confederate Veterans) was an American Civil War veterans' organization headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.It was organized on June 10, 1889, by ex-soldiers and sailors of the Confederate States as a merger between the Louisiana Division of the Veteran Confederate States Cavalry Association; N. B. Forrest Camp of Chattanooga, Tennessee Jul 18, 2020 - This is a fascinating and rare interview of an actual Confederate veteran, Julius Franklin Howell (1846-1948), who was born in Virginia in 1846, at the age o Julius Franklin Howell, A. M., instructor in pedagogics, Arkansas Industrial University, was born in Nansemond County, Va., January 17, 1846. His early life was spent on a farm and in private schools; later he attended the Reynolds Collegeiate Institute, where he took a full classical and mathematical course.

He enlisted at the age of 15 in the Confederate army. He served as a courier on the staffs of General Roger A. Pryor, of Virginia and General John Braxton, of North Carolina. 2020-12-08 2018-07-23 1947 Interview with Corporal Julius Franklin "General" Howell (1846-1948) This is a fascinating and rare interview of an actual Confederate veteran, Julius Franklin Howell (1846-1948), who was born in Virginia in 1846, at the age of 16, in 1862, he enlisted in the Confederate Army to fight because the Federals were invading his home, as he himself stated quite clearly. 2020-12-08 General Longstreet's second wife in the rear 2017-09-11 42 rows Julius Franklin Howell was born on January 17, 1846 in Virginia. He died on June 19, 1948 at 102 years of age. We know that Julius Franklin Howell had been residing in CS. 2020-07-18 1947 Interview with Corporal Julius Franklin "General" Howell (1846-1948) Posted by Downtowner at 1:49 PM. Email This BlogThis!
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Mother's Name: Berdie Dellinger.

Marriages. Marriage to Miss Helen Ross formally Scotwell.
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from. "Colonial Geology performed by H.M. Ships 'Lady Franklin' and 'Sophia,' in search of the. Klein Julius (Minnie) delicatessen 802 Palisade av h do. Klein J H (J H (Reb™0* '• General Bookbinding Co). hlO7 Wilkinson av Krebes Wm (Christine) tubes 50 Franklin. Hancock av Leifu Irene I sten Gileson Howell rl50 Pearsall av.