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Have you worked with Creo (formally known as Pro/ENGINEER) before you began using CATIA V5? Then you are used to using the middle mouse button to rotate the model and using the key and the middle mouse button to zoom the model. In CATIA V5 you also can use the buttons of your mouse and the key to rotate and zoom.

I recommend to read this article to find how easy is to create your own list of shortcuts for a fast workflow and an easy way to save time when you work in CATIA. Access CATIA V5 Screen Zoom programmatically September 10, 2013 06:18 PM The API's to access viewport zoom in CATIA do not compensate for monitor size and resolution as does the display zoom which can be enabled at the bottom of the page in Tools/Options/Visualization - "Display current scale in parallel mode". I obtained Catia from a friend and put it on my computer. I also bought a new logitech mouse. My problem is I can't rotate, pan, or zoom with my mouse. All my mouse does is select a part and zoom in and out on the part tree.

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Click Show Properties button. Type the key which you want to use as shortcut key. In this example space bar key is used in the Accelerator field. A list with almost all CATIA V6 Shortcuts. These shortcuts works also in CATIA V5 but not all.

Outside CAD Corel has got a 1:1 zoom button for as long as I know. And since someone pointed out that it can be set on the Catia I'm working on now, I must admit that it is a usefull thing to get a grip on reality.

Rotate the model clockwise / rotate model counter-clockwise around Z axis. Ctrl + Tab All I can do is to zoom and move the tree at the left of the scrren.

med ditt eduID eller GU-konto för att hämta ut ett nytt lösenord. Du kan också besöka vår IT-Helpdesk på campus eller via Zoom.

How to zoom in catia

in Catia V5, I disable the "rotation" --> the rotation is  22 Mar 2014 Uncheck Zoom on Tree. · Check: Disable rotation sphere. · The ugly sphere: · Enable drag/drop. · Change 3d Accuracy to .

To CATIA Tablet Support : Shortcut for zoom in/out , Rotate and Pan in CATIA - YouTube. CATIA Tablet Support : Shortcut for zoom in/out , Rotate and Pan in CATIA. Watch later. Share.
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Shift+F2 Toggle the tree overview on and off F3 Toggle the tree display on and off Shift+F3 Activate the tree if the object is active and inversely Home Display the top of the tree End Display the bottom of the tree Page Up Relocate the tree one page up Page Down Relocate the tree one page down Ctrl+Page Up Zoom in the tree Ctrl+Page Down Zoom out the tree Up Arrow Relocate the tree 1/10th The CATIA API contains calls for the zoom factor of the active viewer. They can be accessed in the INFITF.Viewer3d.Viewpoint3D.Zoom property. However, these calls to not return or set a zoom factor that correlates with the Viewport Zoom shown when "Display Current Scale" enabled in Tools/Options. Note that you can also select View > Render Style > Customize View Parameters.: The View Mode Customization dialog box appears.. If this is the first time you are using the command, the view settings for the current document are selected in the dialog box: CATIA uses several different symbols in the Product Specification Tree, and it is difficult to remember them all.

2) If I have only 2 buttons in my Mouse, how to do Navigation in Catia V5? Answer:- In the Tools -> Option -> Devices and Virtual Reality; you can switch on the Tablet Support. Like below and press Ok to Options window.
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Date: 22 September, 13:15 –14:00; Location: Biomedicinskt centrum, BMC zoom; Lecturer: Catia Pereira, Dan Andersson grupp; Contact person: Ulrika Lustig  Zoom Catia La Mar. Avenida Atlántida, Catia La Mar, Venezuela. Directions.