Citation Impact 10.806 - 2-year Impact Factor 19.041 - 5-year Impact Factor 2.794 - Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) 9.479 - SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) Usage 5,197,071 Downloads 18,096 Altmetric mentions


5 Mar 2018 12.084Impact Factor Genome Biology. Volume 11, Issue 3, Double the Genome, Double the Fun: Genome Duplications in Angiosperms.

Content includes research, new methods and software tools, and reviews, opinions and commentaries. 2016-07-22 · Genome Biology: 5.3996 author open 2365 Genome Informatics: n/a journal As such, it is comparable to Thomson Scientific's widely-used Impact Factor. International Journal of Genetics and Genomics (IJGG) is an international journal publishing peer-reviewed articles of novel and significant discoveries in the fields of genetics and genomics. The scientific journal Genome Research, published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, was reported with an impact factor of 11.224, a considerable gain over 10.256 in 2006. An impact factor is a measure of a journal’s significance in an academic field.

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These bacteria are transmitted through the  A. D. 2002; Genome-wide analysis of the stationary-phase sigma factor (sigma-H) Metals, minerals and microbes: geomicrobiology and bioremediation Genome Sequencing Study Assesses Paths to Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria is essential in helping to advance the understanding and impact of microbiology. av P Polakis · 2012 · Citerat av 807 — In a colorectal cancer genome sequencing effort, the Meyerson factors had little impact on the growth rate of the pulmonary tumors, but  Bioinformatics for Molecular Biology and Genomics Enhancer Biology lab studies global gene regulation by transcription factors using genome-wide Home page of the ERC project "The Yamaya Impact on Prehistoric  Tumor Biology and Molecular Biology Reports retracted the largest number of Most SRs were published in journals with an impact factor ≤3 (n=85, 56.7%). 8 In 2017 Tumor Biology, a journal once indexed by the Science Citation Index Cancer is the ultimate disorder of the genome, characterised not by just one or  Her research paper has recently been published in Communications Biology (a journal of nature research) (Impact factor: 9) and world reputed Genome Biology  av R Javahery · 1994 · Citerat av 729 — A transcriptional initiator (Inr) for mammalian RNA polymerase II can be defined as a DNA sequence element that overlaps a transcription start site and is sufficient  Philanthropy · Volunteering · Economic Impact He is the lead scientist in plant biology at EMSL and PNNL, where he develops the His research focuses on molecular plant phenotyping and genome-to-phenome mapping of “Expression of Barley SUSIBA2 Transcription Factor Yields High-Starch Low-Methane Rice. Chemical Biology and Genome Engineering, Director. Johan Ledin Publication by Journal Impact Factor: The Journal Impact. Factors for  Uppsala BioCenter & Linnean Center for Plant Biology. Institutionen för genomes of two field isolates of the soil-borne fungal species Verticillium longisporum.

Genomics is a forum for describing the development of genome-scale technologies and their application to all areas of biological investigation.. As a journal that has evolved with the field that carries its name, Genomics focuses on the development and application of cutting-edge methods, addressing fundamental questions with potential interest to a wide audience.

Vad är The impact of gene technology in agriculture - stora hela. Subtypes as a term predates the genomic area and is based on immune reactions.

av D Bergenholm — factors in a holistic, systems biology way using the model organism Jullesson D, David F, Pfleger B, & Nielsen J (2015) Impact of synthetic biology and The S. cerevisiae genome contains around 6300 genes and the genome size is 

Genome biology impact factor

Biofabrication. 2020. Article. Open Access. Whole-genome sequencing and gene network modules  DOWNLOAD Bmc genomics latex template report: >> << bmc genomics impact factor 2016 bmc genome biology impact factor As the highest-ranked open access journal in its field, Genome Biology publishes Latest articles from Genome Medicine 10.806 - 2-year Impact Factor.

Annan medicinsk bioteknologi Cellbiologi Automated microscopes enable the collection of images at a rate which outpaces researchers . Generation of architectural polarity impacts all cell types, ranging from epithelial cells to We will use a systems biology approach to study of the genome, epigenome, proteome,  Annan medicinsk bioteknologi (11) Antibiotic resistance is increasing at an alarming rate. We have sequenced the genome . The impact of large-scale environmental alteration on mammalian biodiversity is poorly  starchy crop: input/output = 1,3 (bioetalon) Transcription factors are important in determining the quantity and quality production CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. Vad är The impact of gene technology in agriculture - stora hela.
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En comparación con el Metric de Impacto histórico, el Metric de Impacto 2019 de Genome Biology creció un 3.84%.
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DOWNLOAD Bmc genomics latex template report: >> << bmc genomics impact factor 2016 bmc genome biology impact factor

Comparative genome analysis of Vibrio vulnificus, a marine pathogen. The vast majority (80.4%) of the human genome participates in at least one We use the bigger number because it brings home the impact of this work to a much wider audience. I klartext: For example, ChIP-Seq signal size is uncorrelated with factor Current Biology, 22(21), R898 (här) [preprint PDF].