Taqiyya has a long-debated juridical history in Shia Islam that has been significantly reinterpreted by the current Iranian regime. It is now also a key term in anti-Shia Sunni discourse. None of that is of interest to most of the polemicists and military scholars who write about taqiyya.


1 Jun 2017 In post 9/11 anti-Muslim discourse, taqiyya has been redefined as a religious obligation for Muslims to lie to non-Muslims not simply for survival, 

Continue this thread. level 2. spock_block. Sverige. “Sons of Abraham” claims that this is all a ruse – the Druze actually practice a higher-order form of taqiyya (the Shia tradition of protective  Shia myndighet, Ayatolla Sistani beskriver begreppet taqiyya enligt följande: 1) Taqiyah is done for safety reasons.

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is to shift the focus from the Arab-Israeli conflict, and make this a conflict between Sunni and Shia — and they have succeeded. This is called Taqiyya. is to shift the focus from the Arab-Israeli conflict, and make this a conflict between Sunni and Shia — and they have succeeded. Nej, al Taqiyya finns hos både Sunni och Shia. Det finns gott om referenser till detta.

av V Harrison · 2016 — Abstract: In this bachelor thesis I study the prevalence of taqiyya among a group of Swedish Muslims belonging to the Twelver Shia sect.

As usual, Sunni books will be used to further the argument. This is in keeping with the commitment to reveal the On the Shii taqiyya Goldziher writes: “In contrast to the Sunni perception, as listed above, it is not treated as ruchsa, as a concession for the weak, but as an unavoidable duty that noone should overzealously neglect.”v The classical Shia treatment would take the caliph Ali’s acceptance of his predecessors’ office, and even his own rule, as an example of taqiyya. Shia Pen is a volunteer project and is not linked or affiliated with any kind of organisation.

13 Mar 2013 A year after the Toulouse attacks by Mohamed Merah (pictured), French counterterrorism experts are monitoring the practice of "taqiyya" - or 

Taqiyya shia

Long insisting that the caliphate rightly belonged to the prophet Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law, Ali (and subsequently his descendents), the Shia were a vocal and powerful branch of Islam that emerged following Muhammad's death. So what exactly do Shias means by taqiyya and why it's so important to them to say it's my religion? If it's hide fellings, Ammar ibn Yassir can use taqiya and dissimulate his true felling and save himself and his family, Bilal ElHabachi too, Ashab El Oukhdoud too [surat 85] , Jesus disciple who are killed too. Shia Encyclopedia entry: Taqiyya. Sunni Muslims and taqiyya. However, although taqiyya is usually seen as a Shia doctrine only, it is practiced and taught also by Sunni Muslims, cf. the discussion of friendship with unbelievers in the entry on FRIENDS.

Vivian vid maj 18, Sunni o shia hatar ju varann? Är det konstigt att vi misstror er när ni  Vi känner mest till benämningarna Sunni och Shia. Anhängarna tillämpar taqiyya (rätten att förneka eller dölja sin tro för att skydda sitt liv, något som inte finns  Taqiyya [Betyder att det är tillåtet att ljuga enligt Islam]funkar ju bra i det Taqqiya finns inte inom sunniislam, bara inom shiaoch taqqiya är  GOOGLE TAQIYYAför 13 timmar sedan (redigerad). If this is SVARA.
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"al-Taqiyya is the uttering of the tongue, while the heart is comfortable with faith." Note: The meaning is that the tongue is permitted to utter anything in a time of need, as long as the heart is not affected; and one is still comfortable with faith. använda taqiyya som ett polemiskt verktyg mot shia i största allmänhet, vilket är baserat på äldre källor. 7 Detta har har gjort, att taqiyya som begrepp, blivit omdiskuterat och problematiskt bland tolv-imamiter i stort. 8 Clarke skriver att taqiyya gjort att det öppnats en In the truth Islam you can lie just in specific cases to protected yourself. For example if someone want to kill you and you can't defending yourself and this criminal say you must say this word (any word even lie ) or I will kill you so in this c Either way, al-Taqiyya, as the Shia uphold it, does not make of the Shia a secret cooperative that seeks to destroy and corrupt, as the enemies (of the Shia) wish to present them; (these critics launch their verbal attacks) without really heeding the subject (of al- Taqiyya); and (without even) laboring to understand our own opinion on the matter (of al-Taqiyya).

(Indeed, part of the reason for Sunni distrust of Shiites is because Sunnis regard taqiyya as part of Shiite practice.) But some Sunnis also practiced taqiyya, particularly the Moriscos, Muslims Check him out, he's an ex-shia who translates parts of shia lectures into english. This first link is from ayotollah sistani, we find that reconciliatory taqiyya is one of the types of taqiyya in shiaism. Notice how reconciliatory taqiyya is meant to soften someone's heart.
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To understand Islam as Shi'a Muslims do, one needs to understand it within a Muslim to conceal their faith (taqiyya) when their life, honour or property is in.

is to shift the focus from the Arab-Israeli conflict, and make this a conflict between Sunni and Shia — and they have succeeded. Nej, al Taqiyya finns hos både Sunni och Shia. Det finns gott om referenser till detta. Islams religiösa del innehåller alla dygder som vilken religion som helst och  30 Sharia om taqiyya När det är möjligt att nå ett mål genom att ljuga (taqiyya) konferenser av företrädare för islams ledande grenar som sunni, shia och sufi  med den vanliga blandningen av taqiyya och kitman i det uppenbara den uttrycks av de främsta lärda inom islam, sunni såväl som shia. Även inom shia-grenen av islam förekommer självplågeri.